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Our Advantages

Diversified Funding Options:

We have more than 100 cooperative commercial banks and financial institutions, providing a variety of options to strive for the largest loan amount, the lowest interest rate, the most flexible credit plan, and the fastest approval process for you.

Strong Team Support:

Our team, with experienced certified public accountants and bank financial analysts, will analyze the situation of your tax tables in advance, evaluate your financial situation, and make full preparations for your loans and financing. At the same time, we also have experienced real estate investment personnel to provide you with professional advice on house selection and purchase. On how to make full use of the existing funds to maximize investment in real estate, we have made a detailed assessment of the pros and cons of investment projects and put forward professional suggestions.

Rich Loan Experience:

More than 15 years of experience enables our experts to ensure that your application can be approved in the shortest time when reviewing loan documents, and to minimize your troubles.

Business Philosophy

ACENTUS CAPITAL ADVISOR is a Flushing financial advisory company founded by professionals with more than ten years of banking and financial industry experience.

We were established in 2008 and are headquartered in New York. It has been adhering to it, providing the best and most professional consulting and services for individuals, companies, and commercial real estate investors. Establish mutual trust. We customize different loans and financing plans based on the special circumstances of each customer. By understanding your own, company’s situation and goals, we will break the cumbersome procedures and help you in complex Find a solution that best suits you in the financial market.


The team members are all from the professional field, and have always been adhering to the concept of service first, with a cordial and friendly service attitude, serious and responsible professionalism, and strive for excellence to provide Chinese customers with the best, most intimate and high-quality services. They are reliable and professional. Home loan consultant, business loan partner.


Acentus Capital Advisor is willing to be your business partner, solve all business and financial problems for you, and establish a friendly, trusting, long-term and developable relationship with you with the best service and professional advice.

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